Looking for Clothes Shopping Calendar

Hi everyone; I used to read (i.e. lurk) on this group for several
years; lost my Internet service and got away from it. (I'm posting
from work now - still no service at home and won't have for awhile.)
Back in December of 2002, someone posted a clothes shopping calendar
that Mode Magazine had printed in 1999. I printed the post but have
since misplaced it and would love to have a copy of that calendar
again. It was about building and maintaining a wardrobe, beginning
with buying underwear in January. I've done a search and was able to
find a couple of responses but not the original post. Would anyone
still have a copy of the original and be willing to repost it? Thanks
for any help!

C (not the one from 2002!)
I did a search on google groups for this, and found a post that thanks
someone for posting this shopoing calendar, but I wasn't able to find
the original post. This calendar sounds really interesting. If you'll
find it, please, post it here.

Thanks for looking, Elana. I'm wondering if the person who originally
posted it isn't here any longer. I also found the "thank you" post,
but not the one it's referring to. All I remember is that you buy new
underwear in January!