Looking for info about my new used bike


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May 12, 2014
I have bought a Diamond Back Ascent and I have some questions about it that I hope someone can answer for me:

1. It has "Avenir Equipped" printed on it as well. What does this mean?
2. What years was this bike made? How old is it?
3. What's the shifter on the left handlebar that goes from 1-3 for?
4. What's the shifter on the right handlebar for (I'm assuming it's gears)?
5. How do I figure out how many speeds it is?
6. What's the flat rack on the back for carrying? Is it best to remove it to lighten the bike?
7. Is this bike steel? It sure seems heavy!
8. Is there an apparatus to get to secure the small pump? It's taped on currently.
9. Are water bottles a standard size? I want to toss out the old one and replace it, of course.

Thanks so much for the help in advance!
1. Avenir is a company that makes bike parts

2. That model name goes back to the early '90's and was still being used as recently as last year. The model name alone isn't going to let you pin point an age very well.

3. That's for the gears on the crank.

4. That's for the gears on the rear wheel.

5. Number of gears in the front X number of gears in the back.

6. Your lunch, a tool bag, a puppy, illegal drugs, anything you want, nothing specific. If you don't need it, might as well remove it.

7. Unless it's a very recent model, it's likely steel. If it's newer, it's alloy. If it feels very heavy, it's probably steel.

8. Most small pumps have provisions to bolt to the water bottle cage mounts... or you can use that rack...

9. Yes, all modern water bottles fit in all modern water bottle cages.
Thanks for answering all my questions. You're awesome!
How would you recommend I clean it and tune it up without taking it to a bike store, where they will charge me more than I paid for the bike itself. I don't know all the technical terms they're using in videos. Maybe a helpful link?
Park Tool has probably the most all-inclusive and detailed how-to bike repair site on the internet. Anything you could possibly want to know can be found there in a detailed article with thorough pictures and/or video. They'll also be more than happy to sell you all the tools you need.


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