Looking for information


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May 8, 2021
I'm looking for information on a 21-speed mountain bike that I own. I was given this bike in the mid-90s and have been riding it since.

It is a 26" with a 3x7 grip shift derailleur. The bike is teal green in color and the only information on the bike is that it's manufactured by RAND International and says APOLLO series on it and a model number AT-22.

Does anyone know anything about this bike? It it worth holding on to?
Not sure what you are asking about.
There are several bikes sold under the Apollo name.
Grip shift and 3x7, USUALLY - but NOT ALWAYS - signals a low-end bike. Further indication can be had by checking if it’s a freewheel or cassette rear hub. Easiest way of doing that is by counting the teeth. If the smallest sprocket is 14T, then it’s a Freewheel and pretty much guaranteed to be an inexpensive bike.
”Worth holding on to”?
It is hugely unlikely that the bike is - or ever will be - worth any serious money.
But if it works for you, why replace it?
Sure, new and shiny is always nice. But unless you can describe how the bike is coming up short to your requirements, I don’t see a big benefit from replacing it.