Looking for members of my 1973 Europe trip- American Youth Hostels bicycle tour (CE-73) I need photo



Hi everyone,

I am looking for members of my 1973 American Youth Hostels bicycle tour
of central Europe. CE-73 was the trip name, through central Europe in
the summer.
There were 10 of us I think. We started in London and ended in
When we ran into other hostellers from the US,
my nickname was 'Phoenix', since that was my home city.

All my photos and sketches from that trip have been lost. It would
be so great to see some pictures and hear names that I have forgotten
from that wonderful and formative time of my life.

Also, in 1972 I was on the Pacific Northwest AYH bicycle your, PN-72,
that started in Seattle in the summer,
and ended with a whitewater trip on the Klamath River.

Any information would be very welcome.

-Kit, still riding a (mountain) bike.