Looking For New Biking Shoes


May 14, 2015
What shoes have you guys had great experience with. I am looking for pedal shoes that are light but durable. My friend had mentioned that REI sells great shoes. Do you guys agree with that? Where did you go to buy yours?


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Sep 16, 2003
I've used Gaerne, Sidi, Shimano, Specialized and Lake, and they've all been OK. The Sidis have a replaceable treaded sole. Grippy and nice for MTB /CX type usage with a spots of walking /running mixed in. And far cheaper to replace the sole than the shoe as it wears.
The Gaerne were retired b/c of the sole wearing out.
The Shimanos have velcro straps and the grip in those had just started to fade as general wear made me retire those too. Spec is also velcro so I'm a bit curious as to how long they'll last. If possible, I prefer clasps and buckles as opposed to velcro.
Spec has the most square toe box, which is nice. The Lakes are extra-wide and a better overall fit than Sidi, Shimano and Gaerne.
Where to buy from is fairly uninteresting. I've gotten all mine from shops, which have let me try them on and walk around a little before purchase.
I know there are people who'll order several sizes on mail order with the full intent to return some. Seems like a hassle. I might do that if I wanted an exact replacement, but that's it.


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May 19, 2015
Are you rocking normal pedals or clipless? I am going to assume you are riding conventional pedals.
I just posted this in another post, but I don't recommend getting a dedicated pair of "bike riding" shoes.
Typical skateboarding shoe will do you just fine at a lower price point.
If you are still set on getting an application specific pair of kicks, then I say check out FiveTen.