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> Hello,
> I am looking for ride reports to add to my Bicycle Touring page.
> http://www.mikebentley.com/bike/touring.htm
> If you have any reports/travelogs that you would like me to add please email me at coachmb at
> ameritech dot net
> TIA, Mike

I'm not sure if this is the type of stuff you're looking for but here's a report (with pictures,
etc.) of a guy who rode across the country: http://www.uky.edu/UKAcrossAmerica/News/news.htm


P.S. I like your site. Especially the "Bike Rides in Indiana" part.
Also, I think if you are able to look through the hpv archives, there was something about someone
doing BMB on a rans STRATUS. His concluding comment was something like: "I was slower on the Stratus
than on my (upright) by a couple hours. But that is made up for by the three weeks of recovery time
saved" or words to that effect.

And there might be something in the ARBR archives about randonneuring on a Gold Rush.

You might contact one of the clubs big into randonneuring, 'splain your situation and ask for
contact info for 'bent members.

I don't randonneur, but it seems, um, interesting. :)

(bitshift etc)

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