looking for tour de georgia suggestions

Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by Kristin Garau, Feb 29, 2004.

  1. Hello all -- I'm looking to take my 4 year old son to watch stages five (dahlonega) and six
    (hiawasee/ young harris) of the tour de georgia this year and can't seem to find any info about best
    places to catch the race. Is there anyone familiar enough with the race or the area that can suggest
    places where it'd be best visibility/activity wise to see the race. Realizing that my son will have
    some attention, standing in the woods waiting for the peloton may not be the best option, unless
    there's an easy access to get back to the car and on to the finish. Any suggestions welcomed.
    Thanks, Kris

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    for the dahlonega stage I would recommend watching on top of neels gap (blood mtn) or on top of wolf
    pen gap. your son will see the riders climbing instead of screaming past on a downhill sections.
    cool downhill sections to watch if they do the gaps counter-clockwise is the descent down woody gaps
    one one of the sections with the hair pin turns ~ 1/2 way down. the finish in dahlonega would also
    be cool to watch. best stage of the entire tour will finish on top of brasstown bald. watching on
    the brasstown climb (insanely steep) or near the top of hogpen would be a great place to see how
    hard these climbs really are...most of us mortal cyclists can barely climb brasstown on a
    39/25...there is a section on that climb that is like a wall...that's where I'll be.