Looking for tyres 90% road / 10% gravel

Łukasz Tkacz

New Member
Jan 16, 2019
Hello, I'm looking for tires for my CX/road/gravel bike (something like 3in1, yep).
I ride 90% of time on roads, also sometimes starts on road races.
Sometimes also on gravel, forests roads, but it isn't nothing special, without mud etc.

I've already rode on Continental 4000S II 700x28c - light, fast, but not good for gravel.
I also rode on Gravelking SK 700x35c - very good on gravel, but I think too slow for road, road races.

So, I looking for someting between these. Which tires will the best? I done some search and interested in:

- Gravelking (non-SK) in 30c or 32c - should be faster on road, but still nice on gravel
- Specialized Roubaix Pro 30/32 - its for roads, but some poeple also use on gravel
- new Continental 5000 32c? But it's still full slick

BTW. I'm not interested in Schwalbe G-One tires - beacuse of quick wear.
I'm not sure you'll find a perfect tire as a road and gravel need two different tread patterns. I like my Bontrager CX0 tires that can be as narrow as 700x33, because they only have very light tread on the center. However, even these tires don't provide much grip on crushed gravel... I found this out when having to make a quick stop to avoid hitting a car that was crossing the trail!

The best solution would probably be two wheel sets... one for road, one for gravel, and swap the wheels to fit your ride.

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