Looking for Unicycling Fundraising Ideas

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  1. abridged

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    Any ideas about how to combine unicycles with fundraising events for
    charity organizations?

    I'm familiar with cycling charity rides (Tour de Cure, MS 150, etc);
    those are all primarily for bicycles. I'm looking for a strong
    unicycling theme. Here in Durham, NC we have a number of local
    charities that are desparate for funds and public awareness - rape
    crisis, habitat for humanity, etc.

    Please post a reply if 1) you have any fundraising ideas, 2) you have
    had experiences and can share your successes and failures or, 3) live
    in/near this area and would like to get involved.

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  2. JJuggle

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    In 1999 a young girl of 13 on Long Beach Island, New Jersey got involved
    in unicycling. She wanted to meet other riders and she wanted to raise
    money for an local environmental group. With the help of her mom, she
    searched the Internet for other riders in her area and got 5 or 6
    interested in coming down.

    Working with the environmental group they contacted the local police,
    established a route, and set a date.

    4 riders including herself participated that first year. The raised a
    couple of hundred dollars and had a blast. At the end of the ride her
    family hosted a barbecue.

    With word of mouth the following year and the year after that she had
    11 riders. After that the number has been in the 30 range with a high
    one year of 36. Annual takes for the charity are in the $1000 to $2000
    range. Many riders, myself included, have done it every year.

    I have been helping organizing the event for the past couple of years
    (see my sig), but it was that young girls enthusiasm, the support of
    her family, and patience that got it going.

    Getting something like this going is work, but I think anyone who's
    done it will tell you it's worth it.

    Good luck.


    Raphael Lasar - Matawan, NJ

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    host unicycle races at a local track and/or skate park. post fliers all
    around town and have people pay a (small) fee to enter. have different
    categories like muni, trials/freestyle, and races (speed). also have
    people pay to get in. inside the races have a raffle and possible have
    people bet (winner takes 1/2) if that's legal. :D good luck! if it's
    nearby i may attend ...


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