Looking suggestion on carpet cleaner machine

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    I had purchased Carpet Cleaner Machine that Consumer Reports had given the top rating in the home carpet cleaning machine category. I was never delighted with it, it was fine for light maintenance type cleaning but could not handle a really dirty carpet without leaving a tremendous amount of dirty water in the carpet. The suction for that machine just wasn't adequate to do a decent job.
    So I found myself with an embarrassingly dirty carpet and an under-performing carpet cleaner. I seriously considering to replace the carpet. But I thought I'd check another one. Any suggestion for me?

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    Consumer Reports (CR) for many years hasn't done a very good job at anything but cars reliability and safety ratings, but sometimes they get other stuff right, but when they selected Samsung as the most reliable fridges and washers and dryers but those products have so many class action lawsuits against them for very bad issues makes me wonder. Supposedly the Bissell ProHeat 2x Revolution Pet Pro is the best; see:

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=636JsZylctg

    However since I had an issue with carpeting let me explain what I found out. We had very expensive top of the line 60 oz Mohawk Smartstrand carpet that got a stain on it, we tried what they said to do and that was to use just water and wipe it off, that didn't work; so we used our Hoover carpet cleaner, that didn't work either; so I rented a Rug Doctor and that didn't work; so we hired a pro and he got most of it off but couldn't get it all off, so I ended up calling Mohawk carpet people to get the warranty to cover it, what they said was that unless we had receipts for a professional carpet cleaner to come in and clean the carpet once a year since it was new there is no warranty on the carpet! This is something I've never had any carpet company or installer tell me about, so the carpet wasn't covered which we ended up covering the spot with a piece of furniture, but I'll never buy Mohawk products about ever again.

    so long story short if you have new carpet and you want the warranty to stay in effect then you must have a pro do it and keep all receipts. Some carpet companies will specify which type of pro cleaning process to use so you have to follow what it says if you want the carpet warranty to stay in affect.

    By the way, a bit off subject, but it concerns roofing warranties. In order for you to keep your roof warranty you need to keep a sample of your shingles use on the roof, you need one plastic wrapper that was used to cover one of the bundles, and you need to have a annual inspection for the next 30 years or however long the shingles are warrantied for, and of course the work must be done by a factory authorized installer and checked annually by the same company. This is why you rarely hear of a shingle company replacing shingles on a house due to their warranty because no one does any of that stuff!! nor do they do what the carpet people want you to do.