Looking to purchase 1st new bike in 35 yrs

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Oct 17, 2013
Any thoughts on how the Trek Verv's compare to the Giant Cypress models?
Haven't ridden a bike in close to 30 years, the last being a no name from big box store that
was never really comfortable to ride. Recently retired and want to get out and exercise and enjoy the outdoors. What are realistic riding distances on a comfort bikes vs the hybrids?
In most shops and catalogs, comfort bike is a sub-category under hybrid, hybrid being customarily applied to any derailleur-equipped bike with a flat (or upswept) handlebar that is not a mountain bike. That definition is still pretty slippery, but it tends to include comfort bikes like the Trek Verve and Giant Cypress (700c wheels) and Shift (26" wheels), feet-forward bikes like Trek's Pure and Electra's Townie, dual sport bikes with knobby 700c wheels like Trek's DS, and fitness or performance hybrids like Trek's FX and Giant's Escape.

At any price level the Verve and Cypress should be pretty comparable. Base your selection on your test rides and dealer impressions. You will be buying accessories and getting to know the service department for adjustments, emergencies and yearly tune-ups.

If you're at all considering regularly riding distances greater than 10 miles, I suggest looking at the sportier fitness bikes like the FX and Escape. There is considerable gain in lightness, maneuverability, and responsiveness with a little loss in comfort.
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Thanks Oldbobcat, took your advice and gave the FX and Escape both a test ride. I believe there is and Escape 0 in my future!