Looks like RC was right again.

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Sportsbook.com announces pro cycling team Sportsbook.com, the world's largest web site for gaming
and sports betting will be the head sponsor of a new US based professional cycling team. Two
previous US National Champions, Adam Myerson and Ryan Oelkers, will lead the eight rider team with
the aim of competing in all of the major races in the Unites States, including the new Tour of
Georgia. The team has also secured an invitation to the Milk Ras in Ireland next year.

The team is managed by Bill Laudien, father of three, vice chair of the US Cycling Federation Board
of Trustees and race promoter. He turned one of his hobbies into a full blown sponsorship. "I have
been making friendly wagers for years and was a Sportsbook.com customer long before I approached
them about becoming involved with cycling," said Laudien. "It's a safe, secure way to enjoy sports
and the company is very excited about the marketing possibilities of a pro cycling team. We're

"We want to provide an opportunity for young riders to gain experience in a clean, well organized
and supportive environment," added Laudien. "At the same time we hope to realize more immediate
results with veteran riders like Adam and Ryan.

The Sportsbook.com team is not yet complete, but it is expected that the roster will be finalised
soon. Laudien confirmed to Cyclingnews that Adam Myerson, Ryan Oelkers and developmental riders Gui
Nelessen, Ryan Pinkham, Lawrence Perera and Ross Krause are definites for the team.

This is great news in my opinion. Adam and Ross are definite. A little club cheerleading here. Good
call RC. Bill C.
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