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    Are you tired of trying different diets that only seem to make you miserable and depressed. It is
    very frustrating trying new diets only to find out later that you have wasted your time once again
    with no results. I have seen so many people come into the hospital with Gallbladder or liver
    problems because they have tried different diets that were excessive and harmful to the body.
    Doesn't it make since that are body is made up of alot of the same things found in the ocean and on
    land. Many diets have you stay away from certain food groups or become excessive with one or two
    groups only. Our body is complex and made up with many different organs that have different
    functions and responsiblities to sustain or bodies and keep us at homeostasis. That means that if we
    cut out certain food groups that certain organs, cells, etc. suffer and that causes illness or
    worse. Some people believe that starving themselves will help them loose weight, unfortunately all
    that does is cause the body to take from other parts of the body and cause dysfunction in the way
    our bodies operate. There has been alot of news lately about a certain diet that focuses on staying
    away from carbs and consumming mainly protein. What i have come across is alot of high liver
    enzymes, pancreatitis, cholecystitis, and new onset Diabetes. I'm not a Doctor and i don't pretend
    to be, but i talk to Doctors everyday and to patients and it always seems to come down to one thing
    and that is excessive living, crash or fad diets, and taking pills that can be more harmfull than
    beneficial. I'm asking you to look into one of the safest and most effective weightloss plans that
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