Lord of the Rings.


Aug 11, 2001
I really enjoyed it, especially the effects. Now we have to wait until next X-mas for Part 2...

Feel free to add your comments...
The plot was awesome. It's amazing that many of the elements of stories by Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman, Robert Jordan, Terry Brooks, David Eddings, etc. are VERY similar to the events in Lord of the Rings. Tolkien is THE writer to follow if you're into reading fantasy literature.

Funny I read so many fantasy literature, but didn't read LOTR.
READ IT! Before the next movie. Start with "The Hobbit".
Is the book really that much better? I'll try to borrow a copy of the books from my friend, rather than spend my time reading FHM :)
Reading the book will give you a better understanding of the scenario. It explains where the Hobbits, Elves etc. come from.
In LOTR, the Dwarves were beer-loving miners who lived in the mountains, the Elves were long-living, fair-skinned, excellent archers, and the wazards had a sort of tower as their "school." This concept is very similar to the concept created by Weis and Hickman for their Dragonlance series. I was a big fan of this, but LOTR is the original! Tolkien's heirs should sue TSR for copying off J.R.R.!
it was a great movie. :D :D it never got even a bit boring which is very good for a long movie. hmm such a long time untill the next part though :( :(
...and, what do you guys think of Arwen? ;)

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