Loss of a cycle lane in Alaska

Discussion in 'UK and Europe' started by David K, Sep 10, 2003.

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  1. David K

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    We are not alone when it comes to cagers and the establishment. It's a global thing ......

    I came across the following link about a rally in Juneau, Alaska protesting about the loss of a
    cycle lane:




    Interesting to note that so few cyclists turned out, that cycling side by side is citeable (against
    the law I assume?) and the reason the cycle lane is being lost:

    "The state Department of Transportation plans to remove the bike lanes when it reconfigures the
    bridge, changing its two vehicle lanes to three lanes. The center lane would be reversible, with
    traffic flowing into downtown in the morning and toward Douglas Island the rest of the day."

    Coming from Belfast myself that almost sounds Irish!

    My brother lives in Alaska and when we visited a few years ago the lack of cyclists on the road was
    conspicuous so I am not that surprised so few would have turned out for the rally.

    I imagine most are 'off roaders' given the vast expanses available to them. I did a little bit of
    trail riding while I was there but intend to do a lot more next summer when we go again.

    Must start saving and not buy things for the bike! Must start saving and not .............!

    David K

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