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    Jul 26, 2003
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    Hey, guys! I've struggled to get this 15-20#'s off for over 4 months now. I, as some of you know, was on a low carb diet that kept me from riding long distances. Then I started the "no eating" diet ;) Not really, but I didn't eat much, just trying to get this weight off! Then I started the South Beach diet, and in 2 weeks, lost 1#......not what I am looking for! I think the low carb thing worked for me in the past because it was a shock to my system and I didn't have a choice but to lose. When I tried to do it again, I couldn't stay on it and it didn't affect me the same way. I guess my body got accustomed to no carbs.

    Then I tried the Weight Watchers Flex Points diet. I started Monday of this week and watched it very close the 1st 2 days. The last 3 days, didn't watch it closely, just monitered the amount of food I was eating, thinking I'd catch up with the paperwork tonight! I was on the road for business and unable to plan a meal the whole time.

    I have continually walked about 4 days a week, rode about 2 days a week and guess what...........I've lost 5#'s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From here on out, I'm not going to worry about an exact diet! I am going to relax, eat well, exercise well and do what makes me FEEL my best! There's no sense in killing myself to get skinny if I have no energy and can't do the things I want to do during the day. I'd rather be strong!

    Just wanted to pass along some encouragement! I hope everyone is doing well in this area of their life! RELAX!!!!!!!!!! :)