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Feb 19, 2003
I am training for the LOTOJA and would like some advise. If you don't know the LOTOJA is a 203 mile one day road race from Logan, Utah to Jackson, Wyoming. I entered last year and only survived 70 miles due to a bad knee. The energy surrounding the event is great and I am hooked. Besides the race begins just a few blocks from my house. Anyway, I just started riding last winter and have become consumed.
I have been doing some reading and have stumbled across LSD training. Any advise on where I can find more info on this type of training? Is the Training Bible a good resource?
203 Miles ??? That is 290...300..320....324km??? In my language we call it "MOER VER!!" :D

Anyway, I wish you all the luck. There is a similar thread started by Jim Gravity who is doing a 300 km (188 mile) race who requested similar info. just go to this thread and you should find some info as well:


What time are you looking at to finish the race?
long slow distance training is just what it says

you get on your bike and ride at a low intensity like 60% MHR for hours and hours.
There are about 500 participants or so. There is a website with more info. The ride can also be done as a relay. These folks seem to have the most fun. It is a great event! But man it is a long way to ride your bike in one day.
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There is a website with more info.

Please supply if you have it?
Are you planning on doing the whole race or relay?
Over here in South Africa we use cars to do that kind of distances! :D
Good luck!!! You'll need it. :p