Love Thy Neighbor Isn't In Jan's Bible

Discussion in 'Health and medical' started by Mark Thorson, Mar 13, 2004.

  1. Mark Thorson

    Mark Thorson Guest

    Jan the Accuser wrote:

    > I hate no one.
    > The hatred shown here just happens to come from those who
    > are Jews and

    > atheists.
    > Jan

    Oh? Your use of slurs against Jews and people you believe to
    be gay is not evidence of your hatred and bigotry?

    ------- begin examples of Jan's hatred and bigotry -------

    What's the big deal? Calling you a jew boy was exactly
    because you are a jew. The same as you calling me a
    methodist or baptist girl. It doesn't even come close to all
    the names you have called and your constant trash talk.

    Little do you know anything about the *10
    Commandments* Jew Boy.

    I think you homo experience has screwed up your brain.

    In your queer mind. In fact NOTHING you said was true.

    Killfile them both is the only answer. They are both
    quite *queer*.

    How sad. And STUPID. And QUEER.