Low hanging overhang with bike on roof of car


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Feb 16, 2012
So, brand new (Only about 300 or 400 miles on it) CAAD10, and I were wanting to grab something from the grocery store. CAAD is on the roof on a fork mounted bike rack (Front wheel removed). Low overhang at 6'10" makes contact with bikes handle bars, and breaks the fork away from the rack mechanism, and then slides the bike backwards off the end of the rack slides, and my beautiful caad is now laying in the parking lot.

I really don't see much physical damage, however the fork / handlebar seem to be loose / disconnected from the frame. I am going to take it in to the shop tomorrow to see what kind of damage there is. Looks like the fork at the very bottom where the wheel connects to the fork has broken, so I am guessing a new fork will be needed. I am just worried there is some hairline crack in the frame from the trauma, or from the fall off of my SUV.

Any input from anyone, or advice?

Everyone in the parking lot was just as devastated as me.
Sorry to hear about that seamus, the thought of such a nice bike being dragged from a roof bar and tumbling to the ground makes me cringe.

However, I do have a little bit of advice in regards to looking for hairline cracks etc (sort of general advice for visual inspection of things really)

Take it outside in the bright daylight and give it a good clean with a cloth. Nothing makes you notice the tiniest of defects like trying to get all the little specks and smudges off something in broad daylight.
You aren't the first. You won't be the last.

To prevent doing this at home, put the garage door remote in the glove box when carrying bikes. Out and about, you're on your own. Some people put a post-it on the dash or something to remind them.
CAAD 10 seems to be an Aluminium frame, good news because hairline cracks would be easier to spot than from a carbon fiber frame, whereas they crack without any previous symptons, you would also hear the crack noise while riding through any imperfection of the road for example, yes your fork needs to be replaced, since it was engaged in the roof rack and suffered this violent twist and shake, for your peace of mind a frame and its fork are constructed in such a way that a direct hit is going to damage the fork but necessarily the frame, it's like a damage-control design,