Low Heart Rate


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Mar 23, 2015
Hello everybody,

As i searched through topics of the last few years i havent found a similar question - if it has been asked, it would be nice if someone shared a link to it.

So, to the question...

I have been riding bike for seven years now, last three years by planned training (cyclists training bible by joe friel).
Since second year (when i bought myself a HR monitor), my LTHR was around 174 - 175 bpm.

This season i noticed that my heart rate is quite lower than it used to be.
Before, my HR on easy rides was around 150bpm on average, this year around 140bpm and i feel like i have to put in more effort to achieve this.

I noticed this early this season, when i started base training.
I havent done any max effort rides yet, since it's early season...also no LTHR test done this year yet.
I feel that i had enough rest after last season, about month and a half of very low workload (2-3x short and easy rides a week).

Since there is a lot written about overtraining, i don't think i'm overtrained (at least i don't have any symptoms that usualy come with it). I feel ok when riding, sleep ok, resting HR is also ok. besides that, i haven't done any near LTHR or above effort since last october.

since i havent done any serious effort rides for almost half a year, could this be the reason?
and could my LTHR drop from this long time without serious effort rides?

If anyone knows what the reason for my low HR could be, i would really appreciate it.

Thanks, best regards,

Heart rate is a moving target and dependent on more than just effort and age.

For example, this time of year I split my training between indoor and outdoor rides. On indoor rides (spin classes / intervals) I can typically run my HR up in to the low 170's on hard efforts. Hard efforts outdoors, take a long time to get to the 160's.

I attribute much of this difference on temperature. After monitoring my hr on rides over the past few years. I find that my HR is higher on hotter rides, cooling off is easy outdoors so my HR stays low.

HR can also drop due to adaptation. You heart could be stronger/more efficient. With a larger stroke volume you it does not need to beat as fast to reach a specific cardiac output.

If you are looking to fine tune your efforts and compare progress year to year, consider getting a power meter.
I agree heart rate is not static and you did not mention your age or allude to your specific fitness level. Too many variables to know where you should be.If it doubt consult a physician.
Maydog it may not be good form to discuss "large stroke" and heart rate in the same conversation. It makes some of us older guys uneasy. :)
I do know that as you do aerobic excercises more frequently, your lungs start to expand and start taking in more air every time you breathe in. This makes your body learn how to use the oxygen more efficiently so that way your heart doesn't have to work as hard pumping the oxygen into your blood and stuff. It is usually a sign of improvement if it is decreasing as long as you keep up the intensity.
I had a similar issue but I started using a supplement called a Akia Berry it actually has worked very well over the years and I'm feeling very good about myself. There's also a lot of other different supplements out there that really deal and free radicals. These supplements usually target pretty much the same thing but the best thing I do is just going for a ride to get my heart rate up.