Lower Prospect Canal Cycleway Closed


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Jun 6, 2003
The cycleway along the Lower Prospect Canal is closed between Prospect Reservoir and Hylands Rd.

This closure is in effect until 17th October (if we are lucky).

There is supposed to be a signposted detour route along Greystanes Rd and through the Nelson Ridge residential area. There appear to be no alternatives that I see apart from either Chandos St or The Horsley Drive and through Wetherall Park or Blacktown and the M4 or via the regional route along the railway.

This closure is due to a major industrial and residential development planned by Boral for Southern Employment Lands (usings the old Prospect Quarry) granted by the Minister for Planning in July 2007 under the Part 3a approval process - this is the approval process that gives the Minister the right to approve any site he thinks is significant enough without any interference by the local council or community. That change to the EP&A law went in several years ago but the Minister is planning even tighter control over development applications, taking away even more council influence, meaning taking away even more consultation with the local community and other stakeholders, like bike groups.... but thats another issue!

There is information about this development on the planning nsw web site (here search for Greystanes and you will find it).. You will notice that there is a singular lack of recognition that there is any cycleway in the area and just one mention of building a cycleway (as if its a benefit rather than reinstating access already available)

Anyway, according to Holroyd Council the original plans include an alternative cycleway including a cycleway bridge over a proposed road which is part of the development. BUT more recent construction diagrams show diverting cyclists onto Greystanes Road and through the Nelson's Ridge estate and Holroyd Council is raising concerns with the lack of consultation and risk to cyclists. Council is asking for urgent representation to retain the heritage canal and cycleway intact at the location of the roadworks by providing a grade separated crossing of the proposed road.

(this is is just another case of closure of a cycling route without providing an alternative.)
Rob. said:

I jumped off the path & went to the side for a better view.


Here is a close-up of the arches.


And finally, here is a shot just off to the side.


Hope you all enjoy....

Nice photos of the aqueduct. The closure of the cycleway is 2km west of the aqueduct and the construction works are another 500-600m west of the closure. The gate is at the path turnoff to Hylands Rd which goes down to the T-Way crossing.