Lube those Brake cables

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Mark V

My brakes had been working wonderfully with no sign of stiffness, nor had they been screeching since
I adjusted the toe (out) instead of
(in) contrary to most advise. (Hey!!! I was desperate and it worked) Anyway... There must have been
some moisture inside the sheathing and in 18 Degree (F) weather, they locked up. I pried at
them for 5 minutes and still could not get them to let go of my rim. I nursed the bike back
home exchanged it for the car... grumbling all the way. (I live for the ride, you see!). When I
got home that evening, the bike had been in the garage so the brakes worked fine. I removed the
cable, lubricated it with boeshield and they work great. My question now is: will this happen
again of the lubricant gets too cold or are its properties such that it should prevent
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