Luck with online bike shopping?

Discussion in 'The Bike Cafe' started by Guest, Nov 21, 2001.

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    I'm looking into a new roadbike, and I'm finding some decent
    deals on the web. However, I'm wary of buying a bike risking
    that it might not fit me well, delivered in crap shape, delivered disassebled, etc...

    Anyone with experience buying full bikes from the web share
    their experience?

    Also, if you know of some sources that are dependable and
    have good deals, that'd be interesting too.


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    Where are you from hermanjr?

    I've seen the Cyclelab online shop in South Africa but never bought anything through it. They do provide a free lifetime bike service on any bike bought there which is pretty good.
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    Cylcle lab also offer a 30 day test ride garuntee
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    herman i would just find a good local bike shop cause -

    * they will offer refunds quiker (online stuff will take longer)
    *fix the bike quiker and more accountably (who will fix it if you buy it on the net you dont want to send it way)
    * give advice

    if i was doing daily rides and a weekend long ride (100-200k)?
    id get

    shimano 105 groupset,wheels etc they are good and not too pricey (middle of the range).
    ps. road bikes require more fiddling than mtb's :)

    i got my norco blast with 105,mavic open wheels (105)hubs
    for aus $2250 which is $1125 us.

    this is a good start and you can always upgrade the seat and wheels etc when you like. (like i have). its a good frame
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    I posted a similar message in 'Equipment', but I was looking at
    the specs for this KHS bike. mpany=KHS&secid=7559&subid=7

    I'm unsure of the frame or even the performance of KHS bikes
    in general, but The components seem great.  Even though I'm
    not a racer by any means,  I'd be tough in getting this type of
    setup from a bike store (well, the ones I've been looking at,
    and I've went to around 8 in my area).

    Please click here if you would like to reply to hemanjr regarding the KHS bike.
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