lumpy tire

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by Callistus Valerius, Sep 28, 2004.

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    > Find out what your tire is constructed from. The casing is especially
    > important. How old are they? This can happen with very light tires, very

    > tires left outside most of the day when the materials are not optimized

    > durability. All tires are a compromise between price, performance, wear,
    > aesthetics etc. Another concern I would have is that these are very poor
    > quality tires that are just breaking down. I would throw them away. Riding
    > them does not seem wise at all. Rare as it is, a blow out can cause an
    > accident. A blow out caused by a big bulge turning in to a hole suddenly

    > bring you down in no time.
    > I would toss them and then report what kind they are and how long they
    > lasted you. I would also like to know if you store them inside or outside
    > when you are not riding on them.

    Vred tri-comps $30 tires, stored in doors, 4000 miles, 3 years old. I
    have several sets of wheels, that explains why they were so old.

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    > Which models were you using and how long did they last before they became
    > this way? I sure want to avoid those. I was just getting ready to stock up
    > on tires for the winter.

    I like vreds, basically. The ricoso are the cheap wire bead ones. You
    get a couple thousand miles on them before the tread wears out. They don't
    last long enough to get bulges. The tri-comps are the expensive ones, a
    little heavy, but feel very good to me. Tread lasts forever, but you get
    those bulges over time. Usually you have enough cuts by that time, you want
    to get rid of them anyway. I had the worst luck with conti's. Two blowouts
    through the sidewall. They don't like high pressure, and they put all the
    rubber on the bottom.