Macintosh vs. PC vs. Linux/Unix


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Feb 28, 2004
I'm a long time Mac advocate. I grew up on them from the start. My primary job now is a technology consultant specializing in making customer's systems talk to each other and improving process efficiencies. I personally think the Mac OS and hardware is the best thing out there, for me. I've been disappointed with the software that's out there for cycle computers on the Mac. It's starting to get better (new Cateye coming out) but I wish there was a dedicated Macintosh training application that would cover logs, diet, training goals, etc. Maybe if we can get enough responses here, we can convince somebody to write something.

Please cast your vote as to what you use along with any comments you'd like to add. I don't want to turn this into a Gates vs. Jobs vs. Torvalds bashing. Please keep the comments simple and peaceful.


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Jun 10, 2004
PowerMac G4 Dual 1 GHz. Mine sees heavy use from Photoshop and lots of scientific computing. At work, I'm plagued w/ a Wintel box...2.5 GHz P4. Frequently I do the Remote Desktop Thing working in MATLAB on both computers from doesn't work too bad w/ a DSL line.

W/ the same RAM in each computer, my Mac blows the pants off the other computer in MATLAB. Having a Windoze version of iTunes has taken some of the sting out of using the work PC.


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Sep 5, 2004
Oy. I've been using Linux Redhat 7.3 for a few years, and it's time to upgrade (hardware problems, new programs won't compile with my old gcc...). I tried Fedora Core 3, which does what it does VERY well... but it takes a LOT of tweaking, and I can't get it to stream Windows Media (even after trying three of the most popular sprograms to do so); nor can I get my USB Palm to work.

I originally went to Linux 1) because Bill Gates was making everybody register their systems, and I have a problem with authority, and 2) to see if I could do it. But now, I can get a barebones PC for around $250, with XP; even with Windows I can use free software for about 95% of what I do; I could network with my wife's PC without having to tweak and shuffle (and use a single printer), and all the stuff would work. I'm thinking of going back to the Dark Side, and buying an OS from Redmond, Washington.

I've heard the Apple song, but the low-end Mac is about $600, and I'd have to buy a number of additional hardware items (another printer, USB hub).

I wouldn't be surprised if I had another Windows machine in the house within the next year. (Maybe two. Doesn't a computer in the garage sound like a good idea?)


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Dec 23, 2003
I use a pc for my tacx I-magic hometrainer and for my Polar training software. The tacx is not mac compatible and there have just been a release of some software enabling you to use a polar watch with a mac. That´s about all the CYCLING related things I use my computer for well except for surfing bike sites :D

graf zeppelin

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May 28, 2004
I'm a Mac guy. Still have the SE in stoarge lol, but I'm on a dual G5 now. I love my Macs. Each one has been cherished, while the PCs I have gotten along the way always feel to me simply a temporary tool. I'm a graphic designer so I work on both platforms, but the Mac is preferred. Picked up the G5 to better run the Adobe suite as well as to move into multimedia design and work. Apple has such wonderful design and UI its a pleasure to be using the Mac.

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