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  1. Maggots in my wound, and it feels good!

    Rediff On The Net Saturday, February 21, 2004

    Researchers at the Princess of Wales Hospital in Bridgend, south Wales, have showed that sterile
    maggots can heal wounds faster than conventional medicine.

    Soon, patients suffering from infected wounds would be treated with maggots in the UK in a
    new scheme.

    A BBC Online report said the squirming larvae were first found to have curative properties during
    World War I.

    Dr William Baer noticed that maggots were getting into the wounds of people injured on the
    battlefield and instead of making the wound worse, they helped clear it up.

    Dr Baer starting using maggot therapy at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore and with excellent
    results, the report said.

    General practitioners around Britain will now be able to offer patients a prescription of maggots to
    help heal wounds and avoid lengthy stays in hospital.

    The BBC Online report said maggots clean wounds by eating dead tissue. They first spit out enzymes
    that liquefy the tissue and then suck it up like soup.

    More at: http://us.rediff.com/news/2004/feb/21med.htm

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    >Subject: 'MAGGOTS IN MY WOUND'
    >From: [email protected] (Dr. Jai Maharaj)
    >Date: 2/20/2004 11:26 PM Pacific Standard Time
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    >Maggots in my wound, and it feels good!

    I realize this DOES work....and remember many many years ago as a student nurse unwrapping a bandage
    (a dirty one!!!) and finding maggots inside!!! The memory will never leave me!!

    After that we would bring down a very brave fella,,,a tech of some sort...who was not turned off by
    the buggers..and yep..the wound did heal!!

    Personally they would have to put me out before I could tolerate the "feeling" of those little guys
    eating away!!! I saw a TV thing about this..and the patients did admit they can FEEL the
    buggers...but all agreed (after the fact)...that a clean wound made it worth it!!!

    YIKES hawki.....

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    treat any problems
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    >Subject: Re: 'MAGGOTS IN MY WOUND'
    >From: h[email protected] (Hawki63)
    >Date: 2/21/04 1:15 PM Eastern Standard Time
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    >I realize this DOES work....and remember many many years ago as a student nurse unwrapping a
    >bandage (a dirty one!!!) and finding maggots inside!!! The memory will never leave me!!

    When you realize that in some diseases bacteria represent microscopic maggots, perhaps then you will
    lose your facination with the "germ theory" of disease and stop believing the little buggers caused
    the wound the same as the maggots did not cause the wound.

    DrC PhD The doctor of the future will give no poisonous medicine in the vain attempt to poison the
    sick into getting well.

    The doctor of the future will interest the patient in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in
    the cause and prevention of disease, and a medical theory which will not include bacteria, viruses,
    retro-viruses, prions. or auto-immune excuses as the cause of any disease.

    That would at least bring today’s allopathic medicine, Western medicine, up to the level of
    scientific medical data available in 1870.