"You can't get rid of them easily,
They stain our world like blood on the sand,
Clean 'em out but they reappear...
They're like maggots in a Garbage Can!!!"

-The Screaming Jets, 2000.

So what were they referring too? My guess is flats. I had one last night on my way home from work :mad: , ending my run of only one in 16,650km.
Now its only 2 in 16500 (Maybe 16550 given that you've probably done at least 50km's since).

Seriously though, I can foresee this flats thing becoming a major bug-bear with road-cycling as I still ride around as if I had knobblies. I'd love to get up to an average of 8000 km's a flat (What chances around Jo'burg?)..

Anyone here got any idea of their flat/km ratio? So far I've done 250 km on my road bike (give me a break, only had the thing 2 weeks) and have had 1 flat (bakkie forced me over some glass; looked straight at me and then pulled out in front of me :mad:)
I got a flat on the indoor traininer about a month ago believe it or not!

As for flats on the road, i cant remember when my last one was, maybe 5 or 6 months ago.

I used to get flats atleast once a month. This was with my continentals. Since I've changed to Hutchkinson Excels I've done about 1500 km without a single flat. Thats about 8 months of riding.
I'm not going to comment. I'll just jinx myself for the next race.
Hmm, steve, perhaps that crushed glass you glued to the trainer to increase friction wasn't the best idea?

Sorry.. You been putting LOTS of miles on that poor indoor thing?
I have had the roadbike two months and managed to go that time without a flat, but then last week I had two. :(

I getting better at changing the tube, mtb's are easier, but it's not something I wish to be an expert at. The less practice I have the better.

I've done 600miles/960kms so I guess that's a pretty **** ratio.

Am I just unlucky or are the tyres(hutchinson reflex) that the bike came with ****.