Magic product for cyclists

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Magic invetion for cyclists.

Bicycle flashing safety lights (no bettery, no friction, no drag, no resistance, no switch on/off!)

This product is based on an new eletric generating system which I invented.

No battery is needed (no more battery cost and protect the environment). No any friction, drag or
resistance on any parts of the bicycle. Cyclists will not feel any extra weight when cycling. Get
the energy virturally free.

The lights are always flashing as the bicycle is moving, no switch off/on.

See details go to my website:

Thanks Mr Q Gang London, UK
On 23 Feb 2003 06:15:31 -0800, [email protected] (iwico) wrote:

>Magic invetion for cyclists.

Sadly not. In addition to being somewhat kludged by all appearances the lights are neither
sufficient nor, in the UK at least, legal.

Better get a dynamo or some decent battery lights.

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