Magnetic Mattress Weasel in Arkansas

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    Ex-Arkansan Helps With Case

    By Rob Moritz arkansas news bureau <[email protected]>

    LITTLE ROCK - An Arkansas native was involved in helping the Arizona attorney general's office seek
    legal action against a salesman who promoted medical benefits of a mattress pad in that state.

    That same salesman, Thorsten Wietschel, has been charged with criminal fraud in California and is
    being investigated in Arkansas.

    Little Rock-born Pat George of Camp Verde, Ariz., was in Springdale last week helping her sick
    sister when she read about Wietschel being investigated by the Arkansas attorney general's office in
    The Morning News.

    "Wow, the creep has spread his tentacles here in Arkansas now," she said.

    Attorney General Mike Beebe's office announced last week that his office is investigating Wietschel
    after he held two seminars in central Arkansas promoting the medical benefits of a magnetic
    mattress pad.

    Wietschel is charged in California with making false claims about the product, and the Arizona
    attorney general's office filed a lawsuit against him in July in an effort to stop him from selling
    the mattress pads in that state. [...]