Magnetic Vs. Wind Trainers? What are the advantages and disadvantages between the two


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Aug 18, 2003
I am in the process of purchasing either a wind or magnetic trainer for indoor training this fall and winter. But I am having trouble deciding which of the two to purchase. I have been told that fan trainers are no longer made because they are noisy and it had been replaced by fluid (which is out of my price range) and magnetic trainers.

To all the people who have tried the two types of trainers, what are the advantages/disadvantages between the two? Which of the two is more realistic to riding on the actual road? From what I heard, wind trainers are more similiar... is this true?

Also which of the two will give a better overall workout in order to prepare me for the next race season?

Thanks to all who reply


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Mar 26, 2003

You can find fan trainers out there for around $100. They provide excellent road feel and resistance. Fans are LOUD!!!

Mags feel lumpy when pedalling. Mags can offer more resistance than fans, but without the good road feel of a fan/turbo.

Fluid trainers are really the best out there today. They offer excellent road feel and are smooth. The only problem is the price and leakage.

Because most fluid trainer are prone to leakage, I could only recommend the Kurt Kinetic. It's the best fluid trainer out there and has been calibrated with a powertap to provide an extremely accurate resistance curve as you would find on the road. Best reliability, best feel.

You say you can't afford a fluid trainer. If you plan on spending a lot of time riding indoors, I would highly advise you to suck up the financial pain and spend the extra $100 or so on a good fluid trainer.

A good trainer is like a good bed. Regardless of our status in life, we still need a quality bed in order to sleep comfortably no matter who we are.
Training indoors is more mentally challenging than riding outdoors. A trainer that feels lumpy or otherwise irritates you will detract from your workout.

When you amortize the extra $100 for a good fluid trainer over the course of the fall and winter, it might work out to be under a dollar extra per ride. Well worth the extra money.

Good luck!!!