A question for the Aussies on this board. How do you deal with magpies? I had one have a real good go at me yesterday, and have a nasty cut on my right ear as a result. I ended up getting rid of that ******* with a squirt of water over my shoulder. What do you do?
oh chris your post brought back memories, was on a training ride to wollongong about 18 months ago, copped a nasy cut on the right ear from a magpie too.. not pleasant .. <br /><br />i just kept riding and it didnt follow, but i have heard of people sticking &quot;eyes&quot; on the backs of their helmets.. line of thought being the magpies wont swoop if you are &quot;looking&quot; at them.. but that one might be one for the cycling dorkdom forum&gt;&gt;??!!! 8)
I HATE the ones that go for the ears. I had another one in the Glorious Mee ride on Saturday. About 20km before the Mt Mee climb, this one actually drew blood! Still, he got showered with my water bottle as a result! ;D<br /><br />The best solution I've heard so far involves two riders, a tandem and a squash racquet! Bam! ;D
[quote author=Chris_L link=board=6;threadid=322;start=0#3675 date=1030979977]<br />A question for the Aussies on this board.  How do you deal with magpies? [/quote]<br /><br />Put it in the 12 cog and sprint like f**k ;D<br /><br />cheers
Magpies I don't know much about but how about Herons.<br /><br />Yesterday I was cycling along by my local river when from behind a bush a startled heron flew out.<br /><br />My instant reaction was that it was a Pterodactyl, sure they are not that common anymore, but it's amazing what goes through your mind when something like that flies out from behind a bush.<br /><br /><br />On the subject of magpies are you ready for the attack and just unable to cope or is the first thing you know about it , when they fly past your ear.
Usually magpies come out of the sky and 'divebomb' you from behind, and the first thing you usually know about it is a crack on the helmet (assuming they actually hit it). I generally try to make sure they only get one shot at it by squirting them with water. Of course, that doesn't work if they make their first shot a good one :eek:
I got bomb dived the other day too. the first on just swiped my ear and the claws whent into my hemet. It then got me helmet again. so now iv got 2 chunks out or my nice expensive met helmet :( :(. The first maggy was near peachester and the other a few k before beerwah if you know where that is chriss. Is hate to have a magpie that kept attacking up mt mee :( that whould be hell going up a steep climb while being attacked. btw how did you like the glorious mee ride?
The magpie actually attacked just before Mt Mee rather than on the climb itself. Maybe I should just be thankful for that! Overall I had a great ride tho. I actually did an extra 20km after managing to take a wrong turn and going to Petrie (somewhat off the route). I'll be back next year ;D
Funny. I guess you've got to stare them down. I wonder why they do this. They think you are cattle or something? Alfred Hitchcock missed a whole story he could have done about Magpies Not even a very big bird.