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> > Little lad from up the street says, "hey mister, you look knackered". As if that wasn't enough,
> > I'd done 69.3m, NOT a round 70m, and dropped
> > 16.3 av.
> *******. Some of us can't manage that when we are fit -- let alone when
> are unfit.
> :(
> T

A lot of years and sweat to be like this Tony, I'm certainly nothing special. Put it down to the
layoff and enthusiasm for riding the good machine again. Maybe I should have ridden round the block
to get 70m, but the lad would have dropped me. Its tough when you see people you used to hammer ride
PBP, and another take several world titles last year on both track and road, but wafflycathcs is so
right, enjoy it.

Someone mentioned "miserable cyclists" to me the other day. So I sat and thought of all the people I
know that ride, and you know a lot are bloody miserable.
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