mainstreaam unicycling yes or no?

Discussion in ' archive' started by Jvtfm, May 7, 2004.

  1. Jvtfm

    Jvtfm Guest

    this question has probably been posted before but... should
    unicycling go mainstream, or do we want it to stay
    underground, well as underground as it is

    thank you in advance if you respond to this question


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  2. Tennisgh22

    Tennisgh22 Guest

    id like to see it more mainstream. But maybe thats just cuz
    i have nobody around me that rides, so i always go alone.



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  3. Xtremeskier_

    Xtremeskier_ Guest

    I would actually hope it stays like it is today. I would
    hate to see "NO UNICYCLING" signs go up around town, and be
    classified the same as skaters. I kinda like doing something
    different than what everyone else does so i hope it doesnt
    catch on too much. I do however predict that it will go
    mainstream someday. How could it not once people start
    seeing vids like Universe 2?

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