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  1. Edition 9 of Cycleclips, the newsletter of the Kingdom of Fife Millennium Cycleways project arrived
    in the post this morning.

    See what you make of this, especially the bit beginning "The standards have been taken into
    account..." To me this reads the pot holes need to be deeper and we'll take longer to fix them.


    SETTING MAINTENANCE STANDARDS FOR FIFE’S CYCLE WAYS Fife Council has recognised the need to develop
    realistic maintenance standards for the Fife Cycle Ways. These have been put together in a draft
    document ‘Interim Cycle Ways Maintenance Regime’. The key objectives within the Regime are: To
    deliver the Council’s statutory obligations; To be responsive to user needs; To effectively manage
    and safeguard the long-term future of Fife’s Cycle Way assets.

    It identifies route inspection requirements and investigatory levels. It also sets out routine
    maintenance requirements and standards that include cleansing, weed killing, drainage and markings
    and signage.

    The standards have taken account of the resources that are likely to be available to ensure that it
    will be in a position to deliver the objectives of the Regime to the suggested standards. Fife
    Council recognises the need to take account of higher usage routes and is suggesting that on such
    routes it may be appropriate to reduce the investigatory levels, that is the point at which remedial
    actions are required (e.g. the depth of a pot hole and response times for repairs).

    More information is available on the Maintenance of Fife’s Cycle Ways from: Martin Kingham (East
    Area) 01334 412052 Rob Henry (West) 01383 312076 Bill Liddle (Central) 01592 412071


    Wallace Shackleton,

    Kinross, Scotland.

    Cycling in Kinross-shire

    Perth & Kinross Cycle Campaign

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