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    Career Objective:
    To obtain a challenging position in telecommunications maintenance or maintenance management.
    Major Qualifications:
    * Over nine years experience in electronics repair, administrative operations, and shop management.
    * Highly motivated, results oriented supervisor with a track record of successful performance of increasing responsibility and difficulty.
    * Department of Defense Secret Security Clearance.
    Professional Experience:
    * Controlled capital assets totaling in excess of $10,000,000.
    * Planned, budgeted, and monitored quarterly accounts of up to $1,000,000 to affect preventive and corrective maintenance.
    * Prioritized, scheduled, and supervised the repair of over $10,000,000 of communication systems involving over 20 electronic technicians on a daily basis.
    * Responsible for coaching, development, and team building of over 100 service members, to include safety and quality inspections.
    Employment History:
    August 1994 – Present United States Marine Corps
    March 2002 – Present Maintenance Management Supervisor
    Responsible for the following: Planning for deployment of a maintenance unit; Supervision of electronic maintenance support programs and maintenance production; Preparation of budgets for maintenance and operational commitments; Brief commander on equipment readiness; Supervise the deployment of field maintenance activities; Supervise the training for communications maintenance and operational personnel
    July 2000 – March 2002 Communication-Electronics Maintenance Supervisor
    Assisted in the planning for deployment of field maintenance activities; managed maintenance production; supervised maintenance actions
    March 1998 – July 2000 Radio/Multi-Channel Equipment Repair Supervisor
    Analyzed maintenance information system data; Managed maintenance shop programs; Administered a quality control program; Deployed field maintenance activities; determined maintenance support requirements; Directed maintenance actions; Conducted training for personnel
    October 1995 – March 1998 Radio/Multi-Channel Equipment Repairman
    Performed corrective maintenance on radio/multi-channel systems; Diagnosed basic electronic circuits; Performed limited maintenance on cryptographic equipment; Performed corrective maintenance on single channel radios and tactical telephones; Performed corrective maintenance on computers and its peripherals; Performed corrective maintenance on tactical power supplies; Provided technical assistance during the installation of communications equipment
    Management and Technical Training:

    2004 Electronics Technician Supervisors Course
    Organization and administration; supervision and training; combat systems; casualty control and reporting; quality assurance; test equipment; and maintenance.
    2004 Microwave Principles
    Introduction to microwave principles. waveguides, microwave components and circuits, tube principles and types, decibel measurement, solid state devices, and microwave antennas. 
    2000 Antenna Construction and Propagation of Radio Waves
    Propagation of radio waves, construction of antennas, and characteristics of antennas
    2000 Electrician Course
    AC and DC systems, principles of electric power, and basic circuit calculations
    1996 Solid State Devices
    Identification, testing, troubleshooting, and repair of integrated circuits
    1996 Fundamentals of Leadership
    Decision making, problem solving, and personnel welfare
    1996 Techniques of Instruction
    Basic concepts of instruction and techniques
    1996 Terrorism Counteraction
    Description of terrorism, methods of targeting, nature of threat, prevention of acts, and survival as a hostage
    1995 Multi-Channel Equipment Repair Course
    Multi-Channel installation, testing, and repair
    1995 Radio Fundamentals Course
    RF transmitters, receivers, and antenna theory of operation
    1995 Basic Electronics Course
    Electricity, digital and analog electronic circuitry
    Skills and Strengths:
    * Repair, installation, adjustment, modification, and testing of data systems, as well as radio, telephone, and antenna equipment, analog and digital electronics, and multiplexing
    * Microsoft Office Suite and Microsoft Internet Explorer
    * Strong organizational skills; able to prioritize, delegate, and accomplish tasks and programs independently
    * Excellent team builder and motivator
    * Personable and articulate in written and verbal communications skills
    * Project oriented; able to complete multiple tasks achieving outstanding results
    * Creative and innovative problem solver
    * Easily adaptable at learning new concepts and systems
    * Effective manager of time and resources
    * Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal
    * Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal (3)
    * Certificate of Commendation (12)
    * Letter of Appreciation (3)
    Supervisor Evaluations and References:
    * Available upon request

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