Make $500,000 a year with Sports!

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  1. I'm looking for people who want to make at least
    $500,000.00 a year. I bet on sports for a living and before
    you start rolling your eyes, I have a PhD with advanced
    mathematics being my field of expertise. In 1994, after
    spending 13 years as a market forecaster on Wall Street, I
    decided to apply the same Market Forecasting techniques I
    used to project a stock's activity, to sporting events.
    Baseball, Football, Basketball and Hockey. It took me
    several years of tweaking, and by 1999 I was able to
    project winners better than 68% of the time, and that is
    against the pointspread. I will show you how you can start
    off with as little as $5k and turn it into $500,000.00, and
    the best part is; I do all the work.

    Now, I understand that you will be skeptical, so I suggest
    you sit on the sidelines and WATCH FIRST. I will send you
    out my games, absolutely free, for you to keep track of my
    winning percentage. You don't need to be a Rocket Scientist
    to realize how much money you can make by winning 2 out of
    every 3 bets you make.

    I take each team's hitting, pitching & defensive statistics
    and find within a Standard Deviation every team that falls
    within that current team's parameters. Perform the same
    procedure vs. opponent, then identify both team's
    cumulative score vs. the betting line total and each team's
    projected final score using 19 different Formulas. When the
    projected final score differentiates enough from the
    betting line that the probability of the bet winning is
    better than 90% WE BET ON
    IT. I use my database of 600,000 games to establish a
    Probability Factor once I've projected a final score.

    If this sounds confusing, relax. All you need to know is I
    win better than 2 out of every 3 games we bet and I will
    happily send you out my games at no charge so you can
    track my record until you are comfortable with my program.
    No one can make you more money than I can and I'm willing
    to send my games out for free to prove it. I've written
    Algorithms to project Baseball, Football, Basketball and
    Hockey and I've never had a winning percentage of less
    than 68% for a season.

    Year Wins vs. Losses Win pct 1st Yr. $'s net 2004 70 vs 23
    75.27% $223,500.00 2003 141 vs 61 69.80% $877,000.00 2002
    110 vs 46 70.51% $623,700.00 2001 93 vs 42 68.88%
    $576,000.00 4 Yr Total 414 vs. 172 70.64%

    Learn how I do it at or give me
    a call at 954-340-2133. Take 2 minutes to stop by my
    website, and in 90 days if you're working, it'll be because
    you choose to, not because you have to, Guaranteed!

    My Name is Dr.Timothy Witt and I look forward to hearing
    from you. My office is in my home. If I don't answer the
    phone the wife or kids will. Call me 24/7 for additional
    information or to get started up receiving my games at
    [email protected]