Make Bike-borne video review?

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    Jan 6, 2011
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    I got the bug yesterday morning to take a sixty dollar digicam
    along for the bike ride to The Home Depot (my daily run for exercise).

    It was just seven thirty, Monday morning, and Coconut Grove was just waking.

    Some shots, and then chose the best ones, and I found I had a little story,

    a bit of a video-visit that might help, in its humble way, to promote a local business.

    It's not much, but what do you think? Could you do the same in your town, by bike?

    ((I hope the restaurant likes this, or I am in trouble!))

    The place was not quite open yet, and they are =packed= most hours of the day,
    the sidewalk tables full of tourists and locals, and the smells of good cooking!

    a little panasonic digicam, windows live movie maker, a half hour of assembly,
    processed at highest resolution, (it's only "SD") and the camera is, sorry, hand held,
    and uploaded to YT...


    Your area looks very nice. I would like to live there. Pricey though eh?

    phototristan 11 hours ago