Make money the easiest way, ever.

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  1. Do you truly believe you can make money on the internet so easily even
    if others say only five percent of web advertisers do it? Well, I've
    done it myself so fast you'd think it's a scam. But it isn't. And you
    can too, if you give time and dedication to it. Nothing is free, not
    even the fortune you stand to gain through this system. The good news
    is that you don't have to spend a fortune in investment, just a modest

    Most business activity on the internet is done by email, and if you
    adhere to the rules, it is not considered spam, and is perfectly legal.
    You will send $1.00 to each of the email addresses listed on this
    letter. Next, you will place your own email address at the bottom of
    the list, at the number 5 position, after removing the first email
    address from the list which pushes email No. 2 to No. 1 and email No.
    3 to number 2 and so on. There's no need to worry about anything
    because this system is 100 percent legal (you may refer to Title 18
    Section 1302 of the U.S. Postal & Lottery laws). You will then post the
    letter to 200 message boards or newsgroups or until you get about
    twenty payments to your stormpay account.

    And that's it. There's no catch or complex steps whatsoever.

    I did this myself in order to try to help finance my other online
    activity and very soon started getting money on my stormpay account. I
    figured it would end quickly, but the money just kept coming in. For
    the first week I made about $25.00. By the end of the 2nd week I made
    over $1000.00. During the 3rd week I had over $9000.00. This is my 4th
    week and I have made over $22,000.00 and it's still growing. When I
    think of the money I've spent for other programs as well as the lottery
    I certainly have spent much more and I've got nothing to show for it.
    But this system is the best. Let me tell you how and why it works. Make
    sure to print a copy of this letter.


    You must have a certified Stormpay account. If you don't have it, go to and follow the instructions on how to get a
    free account which you can easily upgrade later to Certified. You may
    fund your stormpay account with money through credit card payment or
    you can verify your bank account with which you can load the fund to
    your Stormpay account. Stormpay is the easiest, fastest and safest way
    to send and receive money on the internet using email. It is used by
    millions of people worldwide.

    Step 1. Send through Stormpay $1.00 to each email address on the list
    below. On the subject field write "Please add me to your email list."
    It is important to follow this instruction as this is what makes it
    legal because it creates a service in exchange for money. Do you see it

    1) [email protected]
    2) [email protected]
    3) [email protected]
    4) [email protected]
    5) [email protected]

    Step 2. Now take the first email address off the list that you see
    above and move the other addresses up one step (5 becomes 4, 4 becomes
    3, etc.) and add YOUR email address (which is the one you have provided
    to, and registered with, Stormpay) as number 5 on the list.

    Step 3. You may modify anything you need to on this letter but try to
    keep the changes as close to the original as possible. Finally, you
    will then post your updated letter to at least 200 newsgroups and
    message boards.

    Step 4. Now, sit back, relax and it's time to watch the money come into
    your Stormpay account.

    How to post to newsgroups and message boards:

    Step 1. Put the cursor at the top of this letter, drag it down to the
    bottom and select "copy" from the edit menu. This will copy the entire
    letter into computer memory.

    Step 2. Open a blank "notepad" file and place the cursor at the top of
    the blank page. From the "edit" menu select "paste". This will paste a
    copy of the letter into the notepad so you can add your email to the
    bottom of the list.

    Step 3. Save your new notepad file as a .txt file. If you want to do
    your postings in different settings you'll always have this file to go
    back to.

    Step 4. You can use Netscape or Internet Explorer to try searching for
    various newsgroups and message boards. On, enter
    "millionaire message board" and "money-making message board". Click on
    them and you will find an option to post a new message. You can find
    thousands of other message boards here.

    Step 5. Visit these message boards and post this letter as a new
    message by highlighting the text of this letter, copying and pasting
    it on the message field. Fill in the subject line as this will be the
    header that people will see when they scroll through the postings.
    Click the "post message" button. You're done with your first one.

    Repeat this procedure on the message boards until you get your
    first 20 responses and payments into your account at

    Good luck. Please be honest, and it will truly work for you!