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    Send $1.00 to each of the five names below with a note saying "PLEASE
    ADD ME TO YOUR MAILING LIST". This is the step that makes this system

    Remove the first name from the list. Move the other names up one and
    add your name to the #5 position.

    Copy this letter 200 times or more. The more you mail out, the more
    money you make. Also, post this letter for free on "MAKE MONEY
    BULLETIN BOARDS" on the internet.

    You can order mailing labels of current "opportunity seekers". The
    best and cheapest is "RED HOT MAILING LISTS" 1-800-356--6392. You can
    get 200 mailing labels for $10. Ask for "OR CURRENT RESIDENT" on the
    second line. Always put your return address on each envelope. If any
    labels or returned as undeliverable, you get 10 free labels. You can
    also just as easily post this message on as many message boards as you

    When you send out 200 letters, 15 people will send you $1.00
    Those 15 people mail out 200 letters, 225 people send you $1.00
    Those 225 people mail out 200 letters, 50,625 people send you $1.00
    Those 50,625 mail out 200 letters, 759,375 send you $1.00

    1. Mike 384 Remy Ave. Mansfield, Ohio 44902
    2. R Gibson 201 Blackwood Clementon Rd 603. Lindenwold,NJ 08021
    3. Eric 23 Doral Ct. New York City, New York 10956
    4. Dan 45 Sherwood Forest Dr. Andover, New Jersey 07821
    5. R Wildung 2121 121st Ave. Marietta, MN 56257
    6. Will 1507 Pebble Chase Dr. Katy, TX 77450

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