Make yourself Belgian Chocolates for Easter

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  1. Have a nice Easter weekend, and if you want to make your own Easter
    Belgian chocolates, try the recipe below : very easy and the decoration
    of the Belgian chocolates: make it as you feel like it! Enjoy Belgian
    Chocolates and Happy Easter!

    Ingredients : Belgian Chocolates Tutti Frutti

    -4 3/8 ounce (125 g) pure (dark) chocolate,
    -4 3/8 ounce (125 g) white chocolate,
    -4 3/8 ounce (125 g) tutti-frutti (=dried fruit),
    -4 3/8 ounce (125 g) preserved ginger,
    -1 ounce (30 g) pure chocolate (extra)
    -1 ounce (30 g) white chocolate (extra)

    Preparation : Belgian Chocolates Tutti Frutti

    1. Melt the pure chocolate in a warm water bath and let cool down a
    2. In another pot : do the same with the white chocolate.
    3. Cut the tutti frutti and preserved ginger in very small pieces, and
    divide the quantity in half.
    4. Put half of the dried fruits in the pure dark chocolate and stir.
    5. Do the same with the other half of the dried fruits in the white
    melted chocolate
    6. Use little paper baking moulds and fill with chocolate mixture :
    fill some with the white chocolate mixture, the others with the black
    chocolate mixture.
    7. Let all the chocolates cool down in the baking paper moulds.
    8. For decoration : draw with the melted extra 1 ounce (30gr) white
    chocolate stripes on top of the black chocolates.
    9. Decorate in the same way the white chocolates with the melted extra
    1 ounce (30gr) dark chocolate.

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