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  2. Twittering One wrote:
    > "Do I need my glasses, or am I
    > Merely seeing double ~ ?"
    > ~ Mum
    > http://malteseonly.com/captions

    Caption: "Get stuffed?"

    Either, all those dawgs are casually gazing in roughly the same
    direction; are Maltese Teddies; or have gone to Maltese heaven and have
    been tastefully preserved and mounted by their former masters.

    However, one interprets it; there is a great deal of "Getting stuffed
    .... "

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    Twittering, meet Kim Seung. Kim Seung, meet Twittering.
    The love you both show will not go unrewarded.

  4. "I'll get you my pretty...
    And your little human, too ~ !"
    ~ Me! Again!
  5. "Twittering, meet Kim Seung. Kim Seung,
    Meet Twittering. The love
    You both show will not go unrewarded."
    ~ Fluffydog

    For Whom ~ ?"
    ~ Twittering
  6. Caption ~

    "Mummy Mummy Mummy
    Need meds! Need meds! Need meds!
    Now! Now! Now!"
    ~ A Flock of Fluffy Tails
    Avec Le Baskervilles en Sheep's Meadow
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    >Twittering One, have nothing to do with the Seung creature.

    She spreads her pussy for him, so why not get involved?
  8. ~ * Literacy program
    Encourages first-graders to read to dogs * ~

    Ironwood Elementary first-graders have four-legged teachers at the
    beginning of each week.

    Every Monday and Tuesday, Bailey, Sadie, Bear and Daisy arrive at the
    school library ready to teach, though to them the library seems to be
    only a new place to sprawl.

    That's because they're dogs. Their job? Listen to the first-graders
    read stories to them.

    "I started teaching in '67, and I've seen so many changes in who our
    students have to read to," said Ginger Currey.

    Currey is a retired reading specialist who approached longtime friend
    and Ironwood librarian Peggy Ziebell last school year to see if Currey
    could bring her dog, Bailey, to some of the first-grade classes.

    The days of having lots of free time in the evenings to read to Mom and
    Dad seem long gone, Currey said.

    Then a relative in New Jersey told her about a program there, where
    beginning readers were encouraged to read out loud to dogs.

    Currey laughed as she talked about formulating her own program of
    Reading Education Assistance Dogs, READ, and presenting it to the
    Marana Unified School District so she could come back to school.

    "I retired from Marana a couple years ago, and I was missing the kids.
    A lot," she said.

    READ was founded in 1999 by Salt Lake City-based Intermountain Therapy
    Animals, a group that aims to improve quality of life using
    human-animal bonds, as the first comprehensive literacy program built
    around the idea of reading to dogs. Similar programs, like the Humane
    Society-sponsored Paws to Read program, also have begun to gain

    Now in its second year at Ironwood, Currey's informal version of the
    Reading Education Assistance Dogs program already has grown from
    Currey's one dog to a total of four dogs. Whereas last year three
    classes read to Bailey on a regular basis, this year all seven of
    Ironwood's first-grade classes have time to interact with their furry

    Ziebell helps maintain order in the library as students take turns
    reading to the dogs. The children have different activity stations set
    up at the tables in the library to keep them busy when it's not their
    turn to read, some practice reading out loud, while others do puzzles
    and write notes to the dogs.

    Not all students get to read to the dogs each time they come. A typical
    cycle for everyone to get a turn is two to three weeks.

    Ziebell coordinated the dogs that began coming this year. She knew all
    the owners but was unsure how each dog would behave around the other

    Then came last week's fire drill during dog time.

    The librarian scurried to the office to get special permission for the
    first-graders to remain with the dogs on the library's outdoor patio so
    they could continue reading.

    Despite the close confines, the dogs got along beautifully, Ziebell

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    not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

  9. "Ironwood Elementary,
    Four ~ legged teachers,
    What's Next ~ ?"
    ~ Dr. AE

    "I know! I know! I know!
    I'm going to The Gotham
    After I visit the Foodbank [stealing food],
    In hopes of finding Edward ~ !"
    ~ Twittering

    "I saw Edward ~ !"
    ~ This is Joan Bennent,
    ABC Muse Knows,
    Over & out
    About town this afternoon ...
  10. "The Posby goes into a trance
    In which it does a little dance."

    ~ Edward Gorey,
    >From "The Utter Zoo Alphabet"
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    fluffydog wrote:

    > Twittering, meet Kim Seung. Kim Seung, meet Twittering.
    > The love you both show will not go unrewarded.
    > Fluffydog

    Twittering One, have nothing to do with the Seung creature.