Malvern Star

Paul A.

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May 8, 2003
Any Old Bike Buffs out there?
I have three Malvern Star's.
1. A pre-war fixie on 28 inch wheels.
2. A fifties single-gear freewheel, 27 inch.
3. A Moscow '80, 27 inch wheels, with the early 6-speed freehub.
And an old 3-Star frame. I need a 27 X 1 1/4 " rim, 40 holes, steel or alloy, to lace up an old double-sided Airlite track hub. Anyone have a spare in fair or good condition?
Noticed lately the return of 27 " tyres to some shops. Cheap at $18 each. 'Vee Rubber' brand, made in Thailand. A copy of the faithful Michelin World Tour, at half the price. The larger section tyre gives a more comfortable ride. 85 psi.
Also noticed there's a gentleman in W.A. selling new frame transfers for Malvern Star's. On the ctuc site.

Paul Aslanides.
Ferntree Gully.


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Sep 12, 2002
My first roadbike was a malvern star .

I found another malvern star racer in a shop about 5 years ago , I couldn't believe how light the bike was.
Mine was quite heavy , but this one was as light as a feather with 531 steel construction , put a dura ace sti set and mavic wheels on the bike and you'd have a killing machine;)

My rusty old malvern star was stolen , poor thief , worse than getting both your hands chopped off

We also had an old police bike which belonged to my grandfather . He was a cop in the late 30s until about 46. Don't know who made that bike , could have been malvern star or whatever the NSW police were issued with at that time.

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