Man dragged off plane vs united airlines vs police who's at fault?

The police are at fault not the airlines and here's why. Lets say you and I are neighbors, and one day you're having a loud party so I call the cops, they go over to your house, now A) do they act professionally and politely ask you to turn down the music? or B) cut the power to your house and drag you out of the house and beat the **** out you? now lets say I call the cops for the same situation, and I ask them to cut the power off to the house and drag you and beat you, what do you think the cops would say to me? Of course their not going to do that, they have act professionally.

So the point is is this; the airlines called the cops because they had a passenger that would not get off even though he was on a standby ticket status which meant he would have to give up his seat in the event a full paying passenger which would result in overbooking was getting on, nothing illegal with overbooking, airlines do it all the time, but in this case it was a flight crew that got on so they could get to work and delay a plane on the other side. The airlines didn't tell the cops to go and drag him out of the seat, and even if they did tell the cops to do that the cops would not do that due to their professionalism. Those two cops acted independently from the airlines and took the course of action unprofessionally.

However, were the cops acting unprofessionally? the video that was shown and the news reported only half of what happened, same thing happened in the Rodney King situation. Dao, the passenger, was confrontational before the incident occured, read this: On top of that Dao had a history of intoxication, in fact because of his intoxication he has had his medical license suspended due to it in the past.

The video that was missing in the Rodney King situation was showing that King was swinging at the officers with his fist, and have been previous violent encounters with the man they knew they were in for a tough time. After many demands for him to set and comply which he refused to do, they had when at him with batons to take him down, even though the cops hit him too many times, during the first half of those strikes King was still standing being combative. You can read about the details of that here: So now speed forward to the Dao dragging, he's being very belligerent and uncooperative, a cop isn't going to stand there and get down on his knees and beg a person nicely to please get off after all of that, and since Dao told them they would have to drag him off they obliged him! You can read about the type of man Dao is here: read this site in it's entirety, because later you discover that Dao ran BACK INTO the plane AFTER he was dragged off; also read about his drug and illegal sex convictions, these are felony charges all of which came up on the computer before the cops got on board, so they knew they were dealing with a known felonious jerk.

So a lot this never came out in the TV and radio news because sensationalism makes for more interesting news especially if it's against the police and a major corporation.

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