man, i didnt know there were SO many things about bikes..


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Feb 4, 2008
i dont know where to begin. i decided that i really want to get a road bike for cardio and leg building purposes. but there is so much cycling technical jargon, i cant understand anything.

i have searched around for a website that provides beginner information regarding all aspects of road biking. well i obviously didnt find one. so if anyone knows of a good site, a link would be greatly appreciated.

my first questions before i purchase a bike are:

1.) i'm 6'1, and i think i figured out that ill need a bike that is 60cm (whatever that perptains to, i dont know). but there are quite a few bikes ive looked at that use inches and not centimeters. an ad will say, 25" with 28" tires. so what kind of inch measurement should a 6'1 guy look for?

2.) i dont really want anything expensive yet. is it possible to just spend a couple hundred dollars on an entry level bike that i wont have to work on everytime i wanna ride?

3.) why are some bikes sold without pedals? so you have to buy them seperately? $$$$.

4.) any other stereotypical newby tips would be overly appreciated.

thanks alot already!


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Nov 23, 2006
1) That is the frame size. As measured here under ST. Most bike will come in 5 to 10 sizes. As for wheel size that does not matter outside of WalMart. Almost all road bikes except for some real small ones come with 700c wheels. A smaller frame like a 46cm will likley come with 650c wheels. Mountain and hybrid or cruiser stlyle bike tend to be measured in inches, I don't know why. They also will come with 26 inch wheels although some mountain bike now have 29 inch wheels, claiming that the larger wheels monuver over roots and rock better. Any good bike shop will fit you perfectly to a bike. You also have things to look at like stem lenght and reach but the guy a the bike shop will help you out with that.
2) If you are just starting out and don't know what you want to do yet going with a cheaper bike is the way to go. If you like it then you can get a nice road bike. I'd say once you can do rides reguarly over 25 miles then its time for a nicer one. I never seen anyone ride 100 miles in a day one a $300 hybrid, but every day on a $800 to $10,000+ plus one. And just because its cheap doesn't mean you don't have to work on it some. Cheaper parts need adjustment alot more than exspensive ones do, going back to you needing a nicer bike if you ride more.
3) Bikes are sold with out pedals so you can pick you pedal and your shoe combo. There are so many differnet cleat sytems out there that they just don't put any pedals on the bike. If you don't know what clippless pedals are you have alot of reading to do.
4)Read alot on the internet, go to a good bike shop, ask all the questions you have.

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