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    and what exactly is wrong with just wearing bike shoes, helmet and a Thong Speedo and carry your
    clothes with you?
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    > In article <[email protected]>,
    [email protected] says...
    > > Mikael brings up an interesting point. I'm planning a transam, self-contained. I'm looking for
    > > clothing that will dry quickly, not hold odor (like cotton) and look decent after I've washed it
    > > in a campsite sink. I'm thinking goretex alta but, I'm looking for suggestions.
    > I tour with three sets of cycle clothes. I wash one set each night after I
    ride in it. It dries
    > overnight. If it doesn't, then that is why I have a third set.
    > I use moisture wicking materials (e.g. coolmax types of jerseys and
    Nylon). The odor in these
    > synthetics is practically unavoidable. I also carry 'civilian' clothes for
    times off the bike
    > at night.
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