Manzano affair - Can he be taken seriously ?


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Sep 14, 2003
no one can make up a story like that.

i applaud manzano for speaking out, unlike the other soft riders who protested at the start of a recent race.

and for the APC (Association of Professional Cyclists) are just as bad. talk about killing the messenger.

its blatantly obvious that doping is rife in cycling, and that we need people like Jesus Manzano to take his evidence to the top echelons of government throughout Europe.


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Jul 31, 2003
I think we'd better take him seriously or we run the risk of losing our sport.

Do you reckon you could hammer out 45kph over a 250km course completely clean? I know I couldn't no matter how hard I train.

The initiative needs to be taken by the UCI to hold a Commission similar in style to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa (I do not mean to trivialise the South African Commission - merely to use it as an example). Where it is possible for athletes to come clean together and lift the lid on all doping practices.
The ability to put an identifier compund in all performance enhancing drugs is close to being developed.
Once all the truth is out and the drugs have been "locked in the cabinet", so to speak, cycling can go back to its simplest beginings. But this will take time (perhaps a couple of years).

We must bear in mind that this is a practice that has been carried out since the 1940s in the pro peleton. And that the APC has decided to try to gag Manzano is indicative of the depth of the problem.


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Feb 17, 2004
I applaud Manzano for bringing this all in the open. This is not something new in pro sports, not just cycling. Look at all the american baseball players, McGuire for a perfect example, took steriods in order to hit all those homeruns, btw steriods are not banned in baseball. It's about time someone blew the lid off this thing. I got involvoed in cycling in the first place because there was nothing else I was good at, and now they (sponsors)demand better results, how dare they, what ever happened to love for the sport. That is what it boils down to, to those that don't take performance enhancers I look up to them, not only because they are great athletes, but because they share the same love for sport as myself, and to those that take these drugs, I hope that one day they too will find something that they can love so much as to not want to taint it. I hope to see more suspensions, even if that means we loose a whole generation of athletes, it's time clean our closet.


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Sep 18, 2003
The extent of his story and the details he provided seem to suggest AT LEAST some degree of truth to his story. Plus, he has openly acknowledged his motive is revenge against a club that wronged him in his eyes. He's not trying to be a hero. I liken him to a mafia underling that brings down the whole family with him. There are no saints in this story.

At this point I just assume EVERYONE is on something. It's just a safer bet than assuming people are clean.

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