Which of the following is the best out of them?

  • Marin Muirwoods - Hydraulic Discs (AUD 740)

  • Giant City 2 - Hydraulic Discs (AUD 730)

  • Trek FX 1 - Mechanical Discs (AUD 600)

  • Trek FX 2 - Hydraulic Discs (AUD 800)

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Nikhil Guda

New Member
Jan 12, 2020

I'm a 26 year old, male, 172cm (5' 8"), 64kg (140lbs) who lives in Perth and looking to buy a good bicycle to roam around. I would like to use it to explore riverside roads, areas in city and suburbs. I would also like to hop it onto a train, get down in a station, which is after 30km, and explore that place or town (e.g. Mandurah).

- Basically, I want to use my bicycle for exploring, not for fitness or riding it hundreds of kms.
- I may go up hill where there is a good not not steep road but definitely not thinking about going onto mountains as of now.
- I have previously used basic single speed bikes in India (https://machcity.com/munich-single-speed/) and the same should serve 75% of my use cases but I'm open to gear bicycles if they don't cause much unnecessary trouble. That means very high number of gears doesn't matter for me much but whatever I the number they should be quality and reliable.
- Coasting/freewheeling is a must for me, why would I want to peddle going down hill. I'm strictly looking for flat bar bikes.
- I prefer thin tyres (26mm) but wouldn't mind slightly thick tyres (36mm) considering that they would widen use cases if needed.
- I don't need suspension.

So, I have searched online and it looked like Marin Muirwoods 29er Hydraulic Discs is a great deal at AUD 740 (with offer) considering it's RRP is AUD 1200. Bike has good reviews and brand has good reputation. It comes with 14 day test ride, which means I can return the bike and get full refund if I don't like it. Hence, I have already ordered it and it's on the way. I thought same quality Giant/Trek bike or some other well known brand will be costly but now I'm looking at below bikes and all of them are AUD 700 to AUD 800.

Giant City 2 Hydraulic Discs - AUD 729
Trek FX 1 Mechanical Discs - AUD 599, mechanical discs but would love to save 200 bucks if not much different in terms of quality or what I'm getting.
Trek FX 2 Hydraulic Discs- AUD 799

I understand the basic terms but not qualified enough to say which bike is using superior component when compared to the other. Apart from specs, I liked Giant Cross City's or Trek FX's look (I feel they look more moderns and sporty). Now, I need experts help in assessing which one of them have more value for money or which is better bike.

I'm thinking to let the Marin Muirwoods come and try it. I will also go to Giant and Trek stores, try them as well and decide accordingly. But, I also felt like if Giant Cross City or Trek FX 2 is a better bike than Marin Muirwoods, there is no point in putting bicycleonline guys into unnecessary trouble. If nothing works out, I'm also thinking about just getting the bicycle couriered from India (bike AUD 200 + shipping AUD 100), but of course I would get what I pay for (no fancy breaks, probably weighs little extra, no gears and hence more effort or more limited).

I will also go to second hand stores and check what they have to offer but I prefer a new bicycle (any item for that matter, just my personal preference).

My observations:
- All of them have hydraulic discs (except FX 1)
- Giant City 2's and trek FX 2's specs looked almost same
- All of them are 2020 models
- I prefer Giant Cross City's or Trek FX's looks than Marin Muirwoods
- Marin is not famous in Australia, which may mean hard to repair or get parts

My budget band is flexible:

AUD 200 - I don't want them
AUD 300 - Is my short term budget but I want good biking experience
AUD 500 - I would be very happy if it's worth it or probably the best value for money
AUD 800 - I'm treating myself, I can't go beyond this

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