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Jun 6, 2017
Hello everyone

I have recently recorded a podcast with Mark Beaumont ahead of his round the world record attempt. Hopefully it will be of interest to the member of Cycling Uk Forum.
stephen_rowan Mark Beaumont Around the world in 80 days⠀

Thank you for Joining me for another amazing episode of the world famous and award winning Stephen Rowan Podcast show.⠀

This week’s guest is cyclist, ocean rower, mountaineer, broadcaster and author Mr Mark Beaumont.⠀

He joins us ahead of his 18,000-mile world record circumnavigation. An amazing feat that he hopes to accomplish in 80 days.⠀

I’m delighted to have Mark on the show, My first experience of Mark was back in 2008 watching the BBC documentary The Man who Cycled the World if you've not seen it yet, you should watch it. The programme captures the spirit of adventure as It's seen through Mark’s eyes. Its brutally honest and shows us not only how rewarding a challenge of this magnitude can be but also the mind-set required to complete it.⠀

As with many high achievers Mark is devoid of ego and is grateful for those around him. So stay tuned and find out how Mark lives his incredible life. During the show we discuss⠀

• How he develops focus and self-belief ⠀
• His ability to cope in challenging situations⠀
• The difference between Type 2 and type 1 fun⠀
• His love of pushing himself ⠀
• The ability to find fun in stress⠀
• His reasons for repeating the ultra-endurance circumnavigation⠀
• His strategy and daily schedule for beating the circumnavigation record⠀
• And his strategy for making difficult and stressful decisions⠀

If you want to know more about Mark and his adventures check out ⠀
mark Beaumont⠀

If you enjoyed this episode the check out my episode with Leven Brown. All episodes can be found at⠀

As always please take the time to like share retweet and review⠀

But for now let’s get it on like Donkey Kong


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