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    May 25, 2005
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    My friend and I are looking into starting a company producing our innovative new design for a collapsible recumbent trike (tadpole layout – two wheels at the front, one at the back), and are trying to get an idea of the market.

    We are in the process of filing the patent for the design, so can’t reveal details, but it essentially allows the trike to be folded up in under a minute. When I say folded up, I don’t mean like the ones already on the market that just have hinges along the central section – our design also allows the two wheels to be brought together with the movement of a single component, reducing the track width of the trike from about 1200mm to 250mm. The whole vehicle when folded can fit in the boot of a small hatchback car, without even removing the parcel shelf. In both the unfolded and folded positions all the parts lock in place, and the chain remains taught at all times. The trike can also be unfolded in under a minute. It is important to note that the usual mechanical/geometrical features of a recumbent trike (such as ackerman compensation angle, centrepoint steering etc) are not compromised to achieve this folding – the folding is purely an additional feature.

    We are trying to get an idea of whether or not people think that this folding ability would be desirable to current or prospective recumbent owners.

    We also want to get an idea of what people might be prepared to pay for such a trike. Assume that the standard of manufacture is high, with quality bought-in parts used (such as gears, bearings, wheels etc). We will also fit hydraulic disc brakes to the trikes. We plan to use lightweight materials such as aluminium and carbon fibre.

    If you reply that you might be interested in a trike like this, please let us know where in the world you live.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated - it is very important to us to understand whether or not to pursue this project, and if so to help us to develop our strategy.

    If you don’t want to reply on this forum, please email [email protected].

    Thanks in advance!