Marketing the sport. Call the newspaper a week before a big race.


crit pro

E-roc has many good idea's.

It is so easy to contact newspapers a week or 10 days before a big
race. Why leave it to chance that they get it right, and put out a
good monday recap. Sometimes you can offer to help them with an
article. It isn't hard. You don't have to write it.

Just search who covered the event last year. Either contact him/her or
write the sports editor. They often are starving for Friday and
especially Saturday stuff. If you offer a cycling terms and tactics
list, or mention who are the riders to watch, or an interesting
sidebar story to an athlete on your team, they usually are quite

Redlands is a mostly volunteer effort way out in the sticks 50 miles
from LA, but they do it right. I think it's or something
like that. Search San Bernadino newspapers. They have like 6 articles
a day for the 6 days. They cover Pro Men and Pro Women, Local riders,
Past race history, featured riders, etc.....

I've done huge races that don't get any mention in the city's papers.
NY and Chicago come to mind. It boggles the mind, how shortsighted
many promoters and team marketing people are. Team's especially have
to look out, because the promoter at least is in town weeks in
advance. The riders are already in their Honda or sitting in the
window seat of the jet by the time the writer starts researching the

Doing this can prevent or lessen the chance of sitting around all
October hoping some Sugar Daddy is gonna give you $300,000 for your
team so you can ride your bicycle real fast on weekends.

It's not that hard.

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